How to open internet explorer from run

Internet Explorer is Default web browser in Windows Operating system.old Internet explorer version have many drawbacks and also speed factor so maximum internet users using Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser on windows operating system.

But when you have uninstall all external web browser then internet explorer i.e IE become default automatically.If you have many web browser in you computer and also deleted IE form all program (here i am saying deleted not uninstalled) even from Pinned Taskbar then how you will open IE? Actually when i face this problem then become angry because that time IE was very important to run but there was no any option, in last i decide to open IE by run command, if you also facing this type of problem then you can open Internet Explorer from run command here is procedure .

Click on start button,

Now type in run command box “iexplorer

now hit Enter button, Internet explorer will open.

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