How to get More RAM using memory card

RAM (Random Access Memory) is very fast memory and computer speed also depends on  storage capacity of RAM. if RAM is high then your computer will work very fast but less RAM can slow your computer.

Usually people buy laptop with 2GB RAM but it is not sufficient . RAM is also very costly. you can buy external RAM and then fit in your Desktop easily because extra slot is available in CPU but in Laptop, Extra slot is not available so if you want to increase your laptop’s RAM then firstly you have to go to Hardware Engineer .

In another case , you might not able to buy costly RAM ,then ???? what will you do?? just work with slow system??? no!!!!!!!!

 I have a trick, You can Increase your RAM  . for getting more RAM , windows allow you to increase your RAM with external memory.


Readyboost is disk caching Software Component of Windows Operating system. This is available only in windows Operating system (vista/7/8/…….)

In ReadyBoost option, You can convert your flash memory like Pen drive/Micro SD card to RAM of PC/laptop.

For Making this follow these steps:

  • Right Click on Flash drive  available in My computer.
    get more ram by using readyboost
  • Now click on Properties .
    How to get More RAM using memory card
  • then select “Readyboost” tab:

How to get More RAM

  • Now click on use this device radio button
  • when you will click then space will appear, you can enter or set space via slide option. now click on OK

After using all these steps mentioned above now you can  restart your computer, you will get faster computer system than before using this trick. This trick is 100% working on my system and i hope in your computer system also work. If you like this trick then subscribe my daily newsletter and share this content with your friends.

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