How to edit webpage of any website?

Web developer always love to edit webpage  but general person also wants to edit any website webpage but they are unable to do it. Actually generally website owner can change webpage contents or by CMS authorized  user can change.but think ones that if you will able to edit webpage of bing.(yes!!! bing search engine).

But by simple trick you can edit and can also make fool to you friends. for this you should have only a desktop web Browser(Chrome or Firefox) . I am taking an example of Chrome browser.

First of all open

How to edit webpage of website

Now open Inspect Element. (press simply F12).

after clicking inspect element, you will see like this->


Now  Search <style>…..</style>. and click on “Edit as HTML”.

after clicking on edit as HTML remove all style element .


Now close Inspect Elements. then bing will look like this ->


My dear readers, i am not good in English . if you are thinking that i am unable to make you understand then feel free to comment.i will always try to simplify.

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