How to Create Direct shortcut key for any website

Suppose you are visiting some website more and more time like facebook or gmail or and every time your step is like this

open any web browser then go to URL Address and enter / etc. . everyone want to access anything quickly then why you are using slow method, now you will learn how to create direct shortcut key for any website.

Now you will learn step by step :

  • Right click on Desktop and click on New and next click on “Shortcut“.

shorcut key

  • In location of the item type website’s name for example and click on Next.

shortcut keys

  • now enter name of the shortcut instead of New internet shortcut.

internet shortcut key

techaj- shortcut key

  • like techaj-webpage and click on Finish. and you will see a shortcut on desktop and now right click on that shortcut and click on Properties.

  • you will see “web document “tab and in shortcut field “None” is present. now just click in this field and press ‘T’ Letter. then automatically Ctrl+Alt+T will added , now click on OK. You have done and any time if you press Ctrl+Alt+T then  will open in web browser.



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