how to create a website? Complete Guide

how to create a website

is a common talking point for every young people because In this Internet era approx. every body know about internet and power of internet so every one wants know about how to create a website but maximum people doesn’t find right answer. You will only find that you can make a website using HTML or any other server side language but after creating website in Static HTML or Sever side scripting language , One question arise here that How you website can view publicly????

Yes this is a right point for every new website developers.

I am talking about How to write about programming, may be if you will send message in facebook page then i can write how to coding but in this article i am going to cover only one topic, How to live your website. Now come to the point.

First of All you need a Domain name, Domain Name is public name which is your website address just like

Here is Domain name  and .COM  is Extension. Extension can be anything what you want like .COM, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG etc. Now a question is How can you register a Domain Name??  For Registration you have pay for Subscription like for 1 year or 2 or 10 years etc. on the domain registrar site.

Top Domain Registrar name is Bigrock and GOdaddy 

But i recommended Bigrock because bigrock provide many facility at cheap price


you can check price here and Discount also.

After Registration you need to host you webpages to Server  that means you have coded in HTML or any language and now all HTML and other resources file must uploaded to server so now you need purchase space from Hosting provider.

Many hosting provider is available in Internet Marketing even Bigrock also providing Hosting Services but Bigrock not provide best services in Hosting it is only best for Domain name.

I am Giving you best service providing Hosting company is Hostgator.

you can check price and Space on Hostagtor from here.


After Purchasing Hosting then Go to admin panel of Domain Registrar and Point to your Server In DNS management option In Bigrock Admin Panel.

Now rest Work will do Customer care of Bigrock but if they will not do then send message on my facebook fan page

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