How Disqus hurt me and removed from my blog

Disqus is a discussion platform and used by web developer means every website if they need then adding some simple script can be make discussion board and commenting option . i  was also using disqus on my blog and How Disqus hurt me and removed from my blog . why??? let me explain.

For working disqus on your website you can create account on disqus and add script to your website code. it will not slow your website speed because new version is using asynchronous technology . interface is also good  and it will also filter spam and sent to spam folder in disqus dashboard.

If you are using CMS like wordpress then you can ignore this. Why?? just think that who will comment on your blog?? absolutely reader and think that every time before comment if they need to login then how it is hard for reader?? so reader will not comment on your blog and without commenting you can not get feedback from your reader because every reader will not send you personal mail. so commenting is very simple method to ask with author and also should be this system on every blog.

We all know that wordpress or blogger platform  or any other blogging platform already have option to comment so why we need add some other extra effort for commenting system? why not focus on content writing? so my dear readers you are welcome to ask any question regarding blogging and SEO . today i also removed disqus from my blog so there is no need to register or login for comment just type your name email and website(if any) and ask question. please feel free to comment. I am waiting ….

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