Free File splitter and joiner

File Splitter and Joiner is a software which is used for split any types of file and again you can join that split files.For example you want to send extra large file or software (approx 15 GB) to your friends via email or Pen Drive commonly know as flash drive but you don’t have 15 GB/16GB Flash drive then how can you send that files to your friends????

If you have a option that you can break long file  into small part of file  and send it to friend part by part and after sending all small part to your friend ,your friend will combine all part into one large file without loosing any data .what you say?? yes you can do it by a software namely HJSplit

HJSplit is a software which is used for split and recombine  that is known as file splitter and joiner.

This software is available for all popular operating system

file Splitter and joiner


  • This support over 100GB files for split and recombine
  • It is for both 32 Bit and 64 bit OS system
  • It can split and join files
  • It can create MD5 checksum
  • It is portable , means no need to Install , directly run by double click and work with this.

Download HJSplit

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