FinySpy can monitor silently your computer and mobiles

Finyspy found in my operating system including  Android/ Symbian . Even windows operating system  is affected by this spyware.  this Trojan (win32/finyspy) is a component of surveillance  product Finfisher. This is commercial trojan and sold by  Gamma International .

If your computer will infected by FinSpy then this trojan can used to monitor your computer system Remotely .This can monitor you keyboard key stroke, skye communication and screeshot also.

In mobile device , this Trojan can used to monitor  message, call detail and contact number easily .

These Platform can run this Trojan:

Wind32, Symbian OS, iOS and Android.

How to Remove ?

For Remove FinySpy you can use F-Secure security suite or Quick Heal Total Security suite.


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