Facebook blocked ? get reason here and find solution

Facebook, World’s number 1 Social networking site and i think every tech people have facebook profile in this world and if you are reading this posts means you have also facebook id  and if not then don’t miss this chance and create one FB id because world’s peoples are waiting for your friendship.

In this posts i shall talk about why facebook blocked your ID for posting contents,This article is useful for those person who is using facebook group and posting contents in facebook groups if you are not using facebook group then read my other article related to facebook.

Facebook updating daily some new coll stuff and changing user interface or algorithm etc.

Did your Facebook profile restricted from posting in group?

Actually Facebook group is best option for blogger or digital marketer like social media marketer . Suppose in XYZ group 1 billion people is member then if you post any thing and your message deliver to 1 billion people in just one click but facebook limit this feature and if your marked as spammer that time facebook will ban you immediately from Posting and joining in groups .

The reason behind getting banned from posting and joining group is your profile detect as spammer by FB bots.

when facebook will  ban your ID then in support box this message will show ->

facebook blocked from posting and joining groups

If you see this message it means you are restricted from posting any types of contents in Groups so wait for some day and after restriction will remove then now its time to care yourself for prevent from being blocked by facebook. Never post same message in all group . Always add prefix and suffix in Original content so Facebook Bot will confuse and you will never get banned .

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