What is event blogging and how can i do it easy

Hello friends, These days after popularity of internet and social media, blogging become more popular to digital company and now many tech guys are running technology or fashion blogs, even you are reading this post is a part of my blog so you can think about it that how much popular is this type of method to earn money but my dear friends,

Now new trends is become famous that is event blogging, even blogging means seasonal blogging.

take an example of this so you can better understand about event blogging.

Today is 6 August 2017, means month of august and in this month Indian Independence day Event  will held on 15th August 2017 so that every indian who is using internet will search on google about 15th august speech or Independence day speech or slogan or images or sayri etc. it means this is seasonal and will come lot of traffic on your website suddenly.

Now this is a best plan to earn with these type of bloggging, just tie up with any advertisement network and place advertise on your blog so that you can start earning money.

Don’t leave this important topic is also for you.

If you do seasonal blogging means event blogging then you have to host your website on best hosting service so viewer will never slow down or unavailable your website.

If you want best hosting then i recommend to you use Hostgator web hosting. You can see details here 

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