How to Detect Original Facebook Account

Facebook is world’s Number one social networking site. every body have account on facebook and taking advantage of this site .but recently ,in many magazine  i have read that facebook is providing detect fake account .

First of all why people are making fake account , according to survey done by our team member , maximum fake account is created for promote product and increase page likes and another is used for chatting and making fool to their friends. another reason is very important for you,

Facebook provide a option by which you can recover your facebook account if you lost password , i.e. ( friends account recovery option). in this option Fb allowing you to choose three trusted friend then a verification code will sent to all friend and  after receiving mail you have to enter in text field. Now , Suppose i  create three fake account and send friend request to your profile, if you will accept then i will also try to recover you facebook account password by same method, so i suggest you , never accept unknown person and by fake account.

For detecting fake account i have a trick (80% working). at the time of creating account (when phone verification has completed) , facebook will create username instead of profile ID.actually username can be changed only once and profile name can be changed unlimited times so if someone changed their username then they can not change and you can easily detect .

see my username instead of profile id, in picture.

How to Detect Original Facebook Account

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