How to create social networking site

Social Media is best platform in the world this time. every body is appear and created account on Social Networking Site, one of the best Social Networking site we are using -Facebook. After Success of Facebook, every web developer want to create social networking site but they have no Idea that how to create social networking site

For create Working social networking application, we must knowledge of Server side programming, client side programming and Data base knowledge (This is basic requirement-other is Javascript,Jquery/CSS). if you code weak programming then someone can break your application and many other stuff also remains.

But i say to you that you can create your own social networking site in few hour then??? what will you thing about me? yes!! my dear regular reader , you can create using open source project.   This project (social networking site) is also written in PHP programming Language like Facebook .

Name of this Open Source Social Networking Site is –Elgg.

You can download Elgg from

How to create social networking site

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