How to copy from right click disabled website

For protect from article theft maximum website owner using a small code for disable right click option and select option then you can not copy form that website but now i am write about how to copy from right click disabled websites.

There are lot of way for copy text from web page but i am writing only most effective way for copy from right click disabled websites.

first one is press CTRL+P  and when print preview option will show now you are full free to copy any text and right click option will work.

Second is disable JavaScript option in your web browser .

How to copy from right click disabled website

Actually for disable , web developer  using most time JavaScript code so if you will disable JavaScript then that code will  not work and you can copy any text but after copy, again enable JavaScript otherwise you may not see some valuable information . Some important part of the websites is depend on JavaScript code. if you don’t want to copy text then  never disable JavaScript.

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