How to convert flash light into Mobile Torch

This is the time of Smartphone. every one is using smartphone and now old phone is totally gone (1% available in village area).

In smartphone many facility is available but mobile user doesn’t know abut this, due to lack of knowledge about mobile application their smartphone works just like old phone .

Mobile user can do lot of work with smartphone. In market , Android phone is popular due to broad application available on Google Play.but Symbian user can also take lot of work with their smartphone and they will never feel about their Operating system.

I have both mobile(Symbian[Nokia X6] and Android[HTC one M8]) and i never feel that Nokia X6 is lower than HTC M8 because i have lot of Symbian application .

Today i am talking about

how to convert your mobile flash light into mobile torch

its simple, just download a application and you can use as a torch, name of this application is Think Flash Torch. 

what can you do with this application?

  • you can convert your flash light to torch
  • you can use flash light as a DJ light of party light means light will blink(ON-OFF-ON)
  • it can be used as SOS.

mobile torch

So now download think flash torch

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