How to Configure ADSL Modem Router

Configuration of ADSL modem is little hard for new technician .

Here I am Sharing my personal experience when i purchased first ADSL modem for BSNL Broadband .

In 2008 , I apply for new Broadband connection in BSNL Exchange office  and purchased D-Link modem from market. but when internet was not connecting then BSNL’s employee said to me that “Your modem is bad, you must buy BSNL modem” then i bought ZXDSL531B model. but same problem i was facing then i went to BSNL office and employee configure my modem and it was working then i came to home and also configure in D-Link and that was also working .

This little story indicate that due to less knowledge BSNL employee make me fool , so that i am writing how to configure  modem.

Let’s Start Configure Modem :

Just plug in power to Modem and Connect modem with Computer via LAN Wire.

Open And web browser and type this IP Address in URL bar :

then Authentication popup window will open like this :

configure modem

And Now type admin in user name field and admin in password field. actually default password and username is admin for any Router.

after login, admin dashboard screen will show ,then click on interface Setup.

configure modem

and now fill same as info is available in below image:configure modem

in last, Enter User name and password which is provided at the time of Broadband connection and  save all configuration.


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