How to check website speed

High Speed Loading website is always loved by internet user and visitor always give preference for website which take few second or mili second to load.  we know that no body likes slow website. even if my website take long time to load then you may skip some article for reading later .

Website owner always find best host which provide fast website loading. for getting load fastly you must optimize your website programming code and Database Query.

But rest of this question , one question may hit  in your mind that How to check website speed . there are lot of tools available for checking website loading time. but i am recommend use pindom tools.

Pingdom is web service provider and it also provide website speed test.

Follow these steps for test website speed from

  • First of all open
  • Now Enter Website Address in Text field where showing “
  • Now Click on “Test Now

after Calculating Website  loading time this will show you result like this:

How to check website speed

Note : here Tested website is . and tested on 22 October , Overall Grade is 79/100 , Loading time is 2.76 seconds. website thumbnail is also showing.

now check speed =>

How to check website speed

After Testing , you can see here website loading time is 843 mili second.

You can monitor you website speed , if you website is slow then capture speed test and send to your hosting support cell or change hosting company to good hosting provider.

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2 thoughts on “How to check website speed

  1. But why do you recommend Pingdom? Can you explain your choice and your preferances? Pingdom is expensive and there is no reason to buy it only for website speed monitoring. There are other tools e.g.Anturis which can do the same for free and with more options e.g. website monitoring, network and IT infrastructure monitoring.

  2. Yes. there are lot of online tools even some are free tools. this is your choice to choose alternative of pingdom. i am recommending because i am using this services.

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