How to check spelling before writing on website

Spelling mistake is common mistake when you write anywhere. Suppose you are writing something on paper or on website (it may be your blog/website or facebook wall or message ) then you may done spelling mistakes but if you are using smart web browser like Google chrome then spelling checking is very easy and you will never feel about your spelling word power.

If you don’t know spelling of any word then just type in text field , after writing red underline will show below that word like this (this is example of facebook wall)

how to check spelling

In this example i was trying to write garden word but i didn’t know speeling of garden (just for example ) so i only wrote grden. red underline is showing below grden word. now for checking spelling just right click on grden  word and all possible spelling will show.

how to check spelling

now select correct word .

This trick is very easy but very effective while writing some thing or sending message or mail.

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