How to change home page of google looks different

Title of  How to change Google Home Page look is some different  for average people  because they don’t realize google already change home page look to advance look.

Today , you will see old look and new look and you can also switch new to old and old to new look by little trick.

first of all see this old look of google home page .

change google look

and New look of google:

google new look

Now learn this tips.

go to address bar and type this url :,or.r_qf.&emsg=NCSR&noj=1&ei=SNCBU72FNMazuAS_54DACg


and after changing value of  noj=1  for old  look of google home page.

change google look

and now change value of noj=2 for new look of google .

change google look