How to change Color of Folder

This trick is very cool and interesting for you.In this trick you will learn how to change color of folder in computer.My dear regular reader you may feel boring  with classical style of folder, In old style or you can say that by default all folder is looking same and it is difficult to find some useful folder quickly .

But if you will be able to change the color of folder then you can find specific folder quickly and colorful folder also looking pretty .

By this tricks your friends also think that you know many computer tricks so let start how to change color of folder.

in step first you have to download a software which is fully free – foldercolorizer  from . you can also download from here

After Download, install it in your computer and then just right click on any folder in any drive and   click on colorize! option then you will see many color option now choose that color .

how to change color of folder

You can also revert color as old style by clicking  Restore original color .

After selection of color you folder will look like this ->

how to change color of folder

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