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How to use Virtual Keyboard in PC

Virtual keyboard means you don’t need to use physical /Real Keyboard for type and text. just use virtual keyboard and type anything but before know about how to use virtual keyboard you need to know why you need virtual keyboard. This is best for you if you use virtual keyboard at the
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Check How much RAM is in my computer

RAM -Random Access Memory is very fast memory which is available in computer and smartphone, we all know about this memory because if you simply going to purchase mobile then we must ask about RAM of mobile before purchasing and same for Computer purchasing time . When we purchase computer then how
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How to hide my IP Address

Internet become now most popular medium to connect from one end to other end in shortest time duration but coming internet in highlights some disadvantage also came in world , i am not going to mention those here because if i wrote here they i am sure that you will search that
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How to know full details about my computer

Hello friends, Warm welcome again because i have demotivated and decided to shutdown my tech blog but after harsh bro motivation this blog live again and will continue forever. In this article you will know that how to know full details of your computer i.e how to collect all information about computer
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Java script code for image Dancing in website

Javascript is most popular client side scripting language and this article is based on java script and funny trick. you will enjoy surely after using this trick. for using this javascript you must open inspect element in web browser, in Chrome you can open directly by pressing f12 button or right click and click
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What is necessary for create complete website

For creating website is now interesting for everyone after increasing internet users so in this tutorial i am going to list some point which is most necessary for create good website. What is necessary for create complete website ? Actually you can create a website only with HTML language but for creating
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Social Sound Platform

You all are using social media platform like facebook, G+, twitter etc.  , all media have common thing that is share anything like Text, Video and Image file with friends or Publicly  but one limitation in fb  is Audio sharing facility. Yes, Audio sharing facility is not available in fb . like
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How to download a website

You may hear about download file from website like software file, media files(Audio/Video/Image)  but you may or may not listen about download complete websites. You may think about “why we  need of download complete website?“. Did anyone ask with you about how to download a website for offline viewing?? if yes then what you