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Today i am writing about best motivation speaker  . before writing anything i want say you one thing that i am also motivational speaker and many personal told me thanks after motivating  him/her .

But in this posts i will  write only those name which is most popular . First of all you may think why anybody need motivational speaker’s speech?? . Actually when we demotivate and feeling bad in life or not do anything for success then we need someone who can guide us .

I was also demotivated in 2012 but after watching last life changing seminar i decided to become something in life and achieve some goal . From  2012, I am doing hard work, maintaining many blogs and working on Digital & Social media marketing  but 25% credit goes to motivational speaker.

Yesterday i was thinking about speaker and finally i thought why not i should guide someone who is demotivate in current situation . if you are demotivated then watch or join any of listed motivational speaker’s program.

List of Best motivation speaker

  1. Sandeep maheshwari –sandeep maheshwari Best motivation speaker According to official website –

    Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any other middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.

  2. Him-eesh Madaan- himesh madan motivational speakerAccording to official website –

    Him-eesh Madaan is a trainer and a motivational speaker. Driven by his passion for training, he has trained and addressed around 75,000 individuals. Blessed with ability to connect with his audience, he delivers powerful messages in entertaining way which makes his audience laugh and learn.


  3. Dr Sneh Desai -According to Official website –dr sneh desai motivate

    The first glimpse of the man gives you an impression of a young MBA, aspirant, innocent, curious and well mannered. You talk to him and find a modest boy with soft spoken clear thinking individual. But as you start getting to know him, you know the genius within this person who has in depth knowledge of self and inner power.


  4. Vasant Chauhan –
    vasant chauhan motivational speaker
    Energetic Youtuber, Motivational Speaker & a Blogger in India. Link

I hope now you will motivated after watching and joining seminars . enjoy my reading and comment about my website experience.

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