Best desktop virtualization software

Desktop virtualization  become more popular these day. Everybody want to use virtual Desktop but they don’t know how can they use virtual desktop and free of cost. if you are not familiar with Virtual Desktop then i am Firstly Introducing Virtual Desktop.

In desktop virtualization, you don’t need to create real desktop you can create a Fresh fully working Desktop System in Virtual.

It is clear that virtual means not real but something works as like real. In Desktop virtualization , you can create other Desktop alongwith current Desktop .

Suppose you are using Windows Operating system and want to work with Linux Ubuntu OS then first of all you will download Image file then make Bootable CD or USB drive then you can run live version or you can Install permanently.

If you  install permanently then this will take lot of space like Windows Operating system and other thing is when you start working with Linux then you can not work on Windows OS same time, But this problem can solve Virtual Desktop

In virtual Desktop you can run any number of Operating system and can also work with Windows (main OS).But how???

For use Desktop Virtualization you must install desktop virtualization Software in your computer system.many desktop virtualization software is available in Internet market .some are free and some are shareware.

I am writing about Best desktop virtualization software.


VirtualBox is free desktop virtualization software Developed by Oracle.

see how Ubuntu is working on WIndows Operating system .

Best desktop virtualization software

Download free  Best desktop virtualization software

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